Friday, December 23, 2011

human triangle

Its a triangle formed by the window frame and terrace outside my office window......its corner in lush greenery with mangalore tile structure behind...n sometimes white fumes keep on rising in the sky...its only visible triangle in which i see human this windoscape :)....every morning few women in colourfull sarees keep moving too n fro, i see just colour dots / patches of pinks, purples, violet  n blues.....i dont know what they do ..but i love guessing...i love thinking probably they are dancing...doing some Garaba kind of folk dance...or probably there is some temple there...but in the morning only those colorful patches seem to be moving here n of the day few white, cream n sky blue dots are lesser or no colourfull dots..
probably its subji market...or just a shortcut to train station behind....but i luv thinking that they are dancing in circles...may be some day i will walk down n see what it is actually ...but then its no fun... i love watching those moving dots circles..n keep guessing ...